New digital Hologic mammogram room at North and East Devon Breast Screening

Our North and East Devon Breast Screening (NED) service has recently benefited from a new digital Hologic Mammogram room, supporting delivery of an enhanced and seamless patient pathway.

InHealth is proud to deliver this service in partnership with the NHS, which saves over 1,400 lives every year. The state-of-the-art Mammogram room is complete with tomosynthesis and tomosynthesis guided stereotactic biopsy capabilities, and a relaxing ambience and colour to increase accessibility for women with additional needs. Being fully operational has revolutionised the flow and workings of the screening service.

Clinical Director, Dr Rachael Currie explains: “The new room means we can run assessment clinics simultaneously with stereotactic biopsies, allowing women to move seamlessly through the next pathway of their screening appointment. We now have double the capacity of screening appointments available on site. This means more timely appointments and futureproofs the service for a growing population.”

The room was officially opened by Sarah Sargent who was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in December 2020. The North and East Devon Breast Screening Service were touched by her story and organised a display and donation pots in their main unit to raise awareness of MND and Sarah’s fundraising activities. InHealth also made a generous donation to support Sarah’s fundraiser.

Sarah’s story

Diagnosed with MND in December 2020, Sarah found her speech was already incomprehensible and her swallow was deteriorating rapidly by September 2021. She became dependent on a speech app to communicate and a gastrostomy tube for most of her nutrition and fluids. Sarah was invited to routine screening at the mobile mammography unit sited in Exmouth and was met with the loveliest team of people who embraced her fundraising efforts for the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA), towards finding a cure for MND.

Sarah shared: “The one thing I have really realised with this diagnosis, is that with terminal illness comes great responsibility. You need to be positive through adversity and everyone else will follow. I’m not living with MND, MND is living with me!”

Sarah is currently completing the ‘Salt Path Challenge; You, Me & MND’. If anyone would like to donate to this fantastic cause and support Sarah, please visit her fundraising page here.