InHealth supports Radiographer graduates through international training programme

As part of our ongoing commitment to training and developing clinical staff and supporting recruitment efforts into healthcare, InHealth is delighted to have recently welcomed 5 students from Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Saude de Coimbra in Portugal.

As part of the Erasmus exchange programme, which supports students who want to study abroad, the aim of welcoming students it to understand how we can extend our well-established graduate MRI Radiographer training programme outside of the UK, offering European students a unique opportunity to train with InHealth and potentially remain as part of the team on a longer-term basis.

InHealth’s Graduate MRI Radiographer training programme, which has already supported over 200 students since its inception in 2013, focusses on practical experience and hands-on training, providing a structured approach for qualified Radiographers who want to specialise in MRI, to fast track their career.

The five Portuguese graduates came to the UK in September and will be on a 3-month placement within InHealth’s Mobile MRI services, giving them a great introduction and opportunity to ultimately achieve a foundation level of competency in patient experience, MRI safety, equipment and clinical applications for core exams.

Based on the success of their time with InHealth, we hope to offer more placements in the future.

Amelia Staniland, Chief People Officer, said: “We’re thrilled to be supporting Ana, Maria, Mariana, Maria and Daniela on their journey with InHealth in the UK, not least because of the fresh thinking that they have brought with them, but also because this approach will add to the healthcare workforce in the UK. As part of our focus on equality, diversity and inclusion, overseas colleagues also bring with them a rich culture and different experiences, which only serve to make us an even more inclusive employer.”

Ana Filipa Sousa, Operations Manager for InHealth, who also joined InHealth from Portugal 8 years ago and has championed this programme, said: “Radiographers make up the largest workforce in imaging, so it’s great to be involved in this programme that can add to our already strong team. Having come from Portugal myself, I’m really excited to be able to share my own journey with them and watch their development as they find their way in the UK”.