More than 30,000 people in Mansfield and Ashfield will be invited for a free lung health check

Past and current smokers aged 55 to 74 in Mansfield and Ashfield are being invited fora free, life-saving lung health check.

In partnership with the NHS, the Targeted Lung Health Check (TLHC) programme uses a mobile CT unit that aims to diagnose more cancers at an earlier stage (stage 1 and 2) when they are more amenable to curative treatment.

People diagnosed with lung cancer at the earliest stage are nearly 20 times more likely to survive for five years than those whose cancer is caught late. Therefore, the programme offers the opportunity for earlier interventions, including curative surgery and stop smoking advice offered to support current smokers.

The mobile CT unit will be located in convenient and accessible areas in Mansfield & Ashfield, including the Mansfield Civic Centre, and the programme will soon be rolled out across Nottingham City.

If you are invited to a targeted lung health check, please be encouraged to attend as it could ultimately save your life with early diagnosis.

For more information on lung health checks, visit our website.