InHealth 2020 Staff Survey results show incredible staff engagement

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We are delighted to announce that InHealth’s 2020 Staff Survey shows an overall engagement score of 74%

  • 96% believe patient safety is a top priority – 1% increase from last year
  • 92% feel that InHealth is focused on improving patient care – 3% increase from last year
  • 92% believe Equality and Diversity are valued at InHealth – the same as last year
  • 91% have the information to do their job properly – 4% increase from last year
  • 89% have the equipment to do their job properly – 5% increase from last year
  • 88% believe they have the opportunity to do their best every day – 4% increase from last year
  • 88% believe someone at work cares about them as a person – 4% increase from last year
  • 85% believe that InHealth encourages innovative ideas to improve efficiency and patient care – 5% increase from last year
  • 84% of people describe InHealth as an organisation that care for its people – new question
  • 79% have had opportunities to learn and grow – increase from last year
  • 77% of people think that working at InHealth makes them want to do the best work they can – 1% lower than last year
  • 78% believe that performance is actively managed – increase from last year
  • 67% have received praise or thanks for their work in the last 7 days – 7%increase from last year
  • 66% believe that high performance is recognised – 3% increase from last year

The latest results show that since last year’s survey, the time we have spent focusing on the areas that scored less positively, has paid off, because we have seen improvements in almost every area. For the coming year, our areas of focus include further improving on reward and recognition initiatives, as well as exploring different ways to recognise high performance.

As a people-focussed organisation, we are delighted by these results and they reflect the focus we have on our staff and the continued work to improve on key areas that are important to them. Our annual Staff Survey highlights our strength and development areas and over the next 12 months, we will continue our focus on excellent staff engagement and work on the improvements identified.