InHealth Woodlands MRI Centre – Frimley Park Hospital: Official opening

On Wednesday 4th September, we officially opened the new InHealth Woodlands MRI Centre, based at Frimley Park Hospital.

InHealth has had a long-standing relationship with Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust for more than 25 years, having started with just one scanner in the main hospital. Opened in 1993 by Virginia Bottomley MP, the centre saw approximately 50 patients each week and was open Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

Today, InHealth Woodlands MRI Centre is open 7 days a week, 14 hours a day and scans an average of 100 body parts each day. With 40 staff, including 16 Radiographers, the centre houses 2 scanners, with the addition of InHealth’s third MRI scanner located in the main hospital.

The centre operates smart booking, which maximises the number of patients that can be seen during the day and allows the team to offer complete flexibility on appointments.

InHealth Woodlands MRI Centre is a BUPA approved MRI centre and can accommodate patients of all ages. The centre also has a very low rate of claustrophobic refusal to scan, which is down to the fantastic team of Radiographers and Assistants, the facilities and the modern wide bore scanners. It also provides a bright, ultra-modern working environment for the MRI team; a team that has done a wonderful job in mobilising the centre and maintaining an exceptional level of service and care.

We are delighted to continue our great working relationship with Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust and look forward to welcoming patients at InHealth Woodlands MRI Centre for years to come.