InHealth 2019 Staff Survey results show fantastic staff engagement

We are delighted to announce that InHealth’s 2019 Staff Survey shows an overall engagement score of 74%, which is an increase of 3% since our last survey.

This year, more than 70% of InHealth staff took part in the annual survey, increasing from a response rate of just 22% in 2016.

Highlights include:

  • 95% of staff believe that patient safety is a top priority – a 2% increase from last year
  • 94% of staff would recommend InHealth as a service provider to family and friends – a 4% increase on last year
  • 91% of staff believe that equality and diversity are valued at InHealth – a 2% increase on last year
  • 90% of staff think that InHealth is focused on improving patient care – a 4% increase on last year
  • 89% believe their role offers interesting work and opportunity to work well with others
  • 81% say that InHealth encourages innovative ideas to improve efficiency and patient care – a 4% increase on last year
  • 77% of people think that their opinion counts – a 4% increase on last year
  • 73% of staff say that they are proud to work for InHealth – an increase of 2% on last year
  • 67% would recommend InHealth as a good place to work – a 4% increase on last year

As a people-focussed organisation, we are delighted by these results and they reflect the focus we have on our staff and the continued work to improve on key areas that are important to them. 78% of our staff believe that they have opportunities to learn and grow every day, which has increased by 5% since our last survey.

Compared to the UK healthcare benchmark, InHealth has a recommender score that is 19% higher and we have 20% more of our people who feel they have opportunities to learn and grow. Our patient safety focus is also 14% higher than the UK benchmark.

Our annual Staff Survey highlights our strength and development areas and over the next 12 months, we will continue our focus on excellent staff engagement and work on the improvements identified.