InHealth announces Fight Bladder Cancer as 2019/20 nominated charity

We are delighted to announce that InHealth’s chosen charity for 2019/20 is Fight Bladder Cancer.


A UK-based charity founded and run by bladder cancer survivors and their families, Fight Bladder Cancer supports everyone affected by bladder cancer and helps to raise awareness, support medical research and campaign to affect policy at the highest levels to bring about change in bladder cancer treatments. Their aim is to achieve better outcomes and quality of life for all those affected.


Each year, 18,000 people are diagnosed with invasive and non-invasive bladder cancer in England alone. There are more than 200 different types of cancer and bladder cancer is the 5th most common in the western world, with the majority of people diagnosed being over 60 years old. Increasingly, people of all ages, from children to teenagers, young adults to the middle aged, can also be affected by the disease.


InHealth chooses a charity each year, inviting all staff to nominate organisations who they believe will benefit from our fundraising efforts. This year, Fight Bladder Cancer was chosen after Alison Hill, Patient Administrator at Sandwell MRI, shared her personal story about her husband who has recently been diagnosed with bladder cancer. Alison wants to help raise awareness of this cancer and encourage others to talk about their own experiences so that more people are aware of the symptoms and know where they can find support.


Over the next 12 months, InHealth’s aim is to raise £2,000 for Fight Bladder Cancer and help support the growing demand for their services and continue with our mission to make healthcare better for patients.


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