5th InHealth Radiographer Reporting Study Evening

Diagnostic & Therapeutic Radiography: How do we bulletproof the profession?

The Health sector has undoubtedly faced some of its greatest challenges in 2018, this has not least been felt across radiology and in July 2018, the Secretary of State for Health laid out his 3 key priorities for Health & Social care… The Workforce, Technology & Prevention. These priorities combined are intrinsically linked to Diagnostic & Therapeutic radiography, arguably more so than in any other healthcare profession, so we have an obligation to ensure we are prepared for the challenges which await us. Undoubtedly challenge will bring change, but with change, comes opportunity and we must be ready to embrace these changes if we are to take the opportunities when they present themselves.

Our Annual South Region Study Evening asked the question; “How do we Bulletproof the profession?”. Our aim was to highlight the key priorities and how they relate to Diagnostic & Therapeutic radiography, all together, at one event. Our panel of experts and agenda included:

Charlotte Beardmore, Director of Professional Policy

Sue Webb, President of the Society & College of Radiographers – A welcome note from the President

Kevin Tucker, National Officer for Wales, SCoR – Artificial Intelligence and Radiographer Reporting: Why it is important for radiographers to be “At the discussion table”

Dawn McDonald, Consultant Breast Practitioner – The Consultant Mammographer’s pathway

Sheila Hassan, Project Radiographer – Intracranial Stereotactihttps://app.coschedule.com/#/calendar/219658/schedule?viewId=1817394c Radiotherapy – When Diagnostic meets Therapeutic Radiography: Strength in Numbers

Prof. Alison Leary, Professor of Healthcare Modelling – Why “Workforce Modelling” is key to delivering the Imaging & Cancer services of the future

View the full presentation here.