Mammography Apprenticeship Programme

InHealth’s Education Manager Yasmeen Malik, has been part of the Trailblazer group to write up the national occupational standards and assessment for the Mammography Associate Apprenticeship, which has now been approved for delivery by the Institute for Apprenticeships.

The apprenticeship will offer students the opportunity to work in a multi-disciplinary team within a hospital or in a community setting (e.g. mobile breast screening units, medical centres), undertaking mammography of individuals as part of a breast screening programme, and routine mammography on individuals with symptoms of breast disease, and will provide them with  the necessary skills to produce mammography images of consistently high quality to meet rigorous NHS Breast Screening Programme (NHSBSP) standards.

Yasmeen manages the the postgraduate modules delivered at the Jarvis Breast Centre in collaboration with Kingston University and St George’s University of London Joint Faculty of Health, Social Care & Education.   These are part of the Radiography Postgraduate Breast Evaluation Programme.  She also designs and develops programmes and has just been appointed the External Examiner for University of Salford Manchester for their Postgrad. Advanced Medical Imaging Programme assuring the appropriateness of the standards of awards, the quality of assessment and the soundness and fairness of all assessment processes.

The Jarvis Centre delivers the Surrey & North East Hampshire National Breast Screening Programme and its education and training department offers postgraduate education and training to clinical staff of all grades working within the specialist field of Breast Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment.

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