InHealth Cardiac & SECAmb Educational Afternoon

Staff at the InHealth Cardiac Unit at St Peter’s Hospital took part in a Cardiac Simulation teaching event to incorporate as part of their Continued Professional Development, with support from the South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust on Friday 20th April.

The session, which included staff from across multiple disciplines and organisations was led by Brittany Adamson, Lead Cardiac Nurse for InHealth and, Mark Wheeler, South East Coast Ambulance Clinical Simulation Technician. It provided an opportunity for the already highly skilled Cardiac Nurses, Radiographers, Physiologists, HCAs and Ambulance Technicians to put into practice and enhance their life saving skills during 3 different scenarios with the use of a life-like CPR dummy with the ability to simulate breath, pulse rhythm and speech, to mimic real-life situations. Teams had the opportunity to administer lifesaving care in an ambulance, on the Cardiac Unit Day Ward and in the Laboratory, highlighting how different environments, effective team work and skilled team leadership can provide a positive outcome for the patient.

We are proud that our cardiac team worked so effectively under pressure within each environment, and we would like to thank SECAmb for their skills, expertise and feedback in helping us to provide the best care and outcome possible for our patients.